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The Perfect Time To Invest
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Hurry Up, Or You’ll Regret It Later.

Right now, is the best time to purchase your dream home or invest in commercial properties. Prices for all the properties will be rising by more than ₹400/Sq ft in Ahmedabad soon. This sudden increase is a result of the increasing cost of steel and cement, among other things. As the prices of these significant supplies are increasing, the rates for all the properties will be increased soon. And it’s not just the steel and cement; the prices of other raw materials like hardware and glass have also increased substantially.

The input costs are increasing for all the developers and countering that the prices of every property, old and new, will soon see a hike. This price hike will be seen all over Gujrat in the first week of April itself, be it commercial or residential.

Get Your Dream Home!

This is the perfect time to buy that dream home in Ahmedabad you have been eyeing for a long time now. If not now, then you’ll indeed have to pay more for the same property, and the costs will go higher significantly, that’s for sure. If you want to buy 3 and 4 BHK privilege apartments along Shilaj, SG highway or a home near science city, this is the perfect time to book your home before the prices increase.

There is also a sudden increase in the demand for residential properties these past few months. Especially after Covid-19, everyone wants a spacious home and a building with various facilities. This has increased both the budget for homes and the demand for housing loans as well. The disbursals for housing loans have gone up by 65% in a year. And it is going to increase further.

It’s The Best Time To Invest In Commercial Real Estate

This is not just an opportunity to buy your dream house, and it is also a great time to invest in commercial properties. Such opportunities won’t knock on your doors again! Get offices and retail spaces at places like The Shyamal Crossroads, Ahmedabad, at current prices, much lower than what you’ll have to pay within a few days!

Commercial spaces are in high demand with the growth in new start-ups and businesses in Ahmedabad. Having a luxurious office or a retail shop is very beneficial for any business. However, commercial real estate is best for investing in it for re-selling or buying for yourself. But if you delay it even for a week, you’ll have to pay a lot more, and maybe your dream office will go out of your budget. So, stop wondering and book your desired commercial space in Ahmedabad today!

Seize The Opportunity & Hurry Up Before You Miss It!